St Mary's Parish Council

This is group of parish members elected, to assist the priest in making decisions for the parish community. The constitution of St Mary's Parish Council is here. The group meet every two months. Below are minutes of the meetings that have taken place. A report from Steward of the Gospel Consultation is here

Minutes of Parish Meetings 2018 Minutes of Parish Meetings 2017 Minutes of Parish Meetings 2016
Council - 17th January 2017 Council - 18th January 2017 AGM - 2016
Council - 7th March 2018 Council- 15th March 2017 Council - January 2016
  AGM - 2017 Counci l- 16th March 2016
  Council - 12th July 2017 Council - 18th May 2016
  Council - 20th September 2017 Council -14th September 2016
    Council - 16th November 2016