Parish Information

Mass in Church on Sundays: 8:00am and 11:30am Importantly, if you wish to attend one of these Sunday masses you need to book a place by emailing the parish at or call the office on 01708 447761 leaving your name and telephone number stating which mass you wish to attend.

Mass for Confirmation Candidates only – Saturday 6.30pm

Weekday Masses in the Church: Monday and Tuesday 9:15am, Wednesday 7:30pm and Friday 7.00pm; (please bring a piece of paper with your name and telephone number on it with you for tack and trace purposes)

Face Masks: It is now a requirement to wear a facemask when at church.

Newsletter: A newsletter will be given out at masses. Please take it home with you.

Church Open for Private Prayer: Thursday from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Please respect the following guidelines:
Open for private prayer only; Keep social distancing; Wash hands before and after visiting the church; use hand gel; do not touch statues, cross, stations of the cross etc.

Every evening at 8:00pm each parishioner alone or in their family gathers for prayer saying one or more decades of the rosary. Several websites can help such as;

Certificate of Catholic Practice for Secondary Schools: Fr Martin will be available to see parent/s only in the Church on the following days and times: Friday 25th September after 7pm mass, Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th September after 9.15 mass. Also Wednesday 30th after 7.30pm mass. Please bring:

Please wear a face mask. Volunteers will be needed afterwards to sanitise the church.

Volunteers: Volunteers to be stewards and cleaners as the church will need to be cleaned after each mass. The more volunteers we have, the more masses we can celebrate. Volunteers ought to be under 70 years of age and have no underlying health issues. Therefore, if you would like to help, please email or call the parish leaving your name and telephone number. Our coordinator will contact you. Thank you!

Offerings to the Parish: Many have contacted asking how can they donate their weekly offerings or give a gift to the parish. There are three ways you can donate to the parish.

  1. The Diocese of Brentwood have set up a donation page on their website (click here). Please remember to select Hornchurch 1- St Mary Mother of God when completing the form.
  2. Alternatively, you can set up direct debit directly with your bank using one the following form (Bank Standing Order).
  3. Contact the Parish Office for details of the Parish Bank Account.
  4. Post your offerings through the letterbox of the presbytery.

Please remember in your prayers prayers Ivy Duhig and Katherine O’Connor who died recently and their families at this sad time. If anyone is seriously ill and needs the priest, please ring the Presbytery.