St Mary Mother of God Church

213 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch , Essex RM12 4TF

Parish Groups

We have several parish groups which exist for spiritual and charitable purposes within St Mary Mother of God Church.


Each year a number of people join the Catholic Church in our parish through the RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – Journey of Faith programme. This is a rolling programme which restarts every summer. The group meets every Monday evening at 8.00pm in the Van Meenan Room. Most of those who follow the course will be received into the Catholic Church at Easter of the following year, but some may take longer to reach a firm decision for themselves, and all are welcome to join the course on a “no commitment” basis. 
The RCIA course is open to adults who have never been baptised, or who have been baptised in another Christian Church. It may also be suitable for adult Catholics who have been baptised but not yet confirmed.
Please make initial enquiries to the Parish office on 01708 447761.

The Knights of St Columba

The KSC are a Fraternity dedicated to ‘Serving God by Serving Others’ by working in our Communities and Parishes, helping people to grow in their Catholic faith and looking after those less fortunate than ourselves.

We usually meet 2nd Sunday of the month in the Van Meenen Room but for the moment are reliant upon online meetings via Zoom. For more information, contact Brian Rodgers on 01708 459179 or email

St Vincent de Paul Society

The SVP is very different from other groups that may exist in the parish. Firstly, we don’t only help parishioners; we will help anyone in need in the area, irrespective of their faith. Also, as well as visiting people, we provide material assistance where needed.

We meet Fridays at 8:00pm in the Matisse Room